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Offer: These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the 'Terms') represent an agreement between Future et Inc (AFZA B1 Building, Office No. 214, UAE, its registered office in Ajman, UAE). Does, then it will be called. 'Future net' or 'We' and its customers, rejecting all prior negotiations or any agreement, whether written or oral, except the terms provided.
The net of the future and the customer will be called 'parties' together.
By using the Future Net Website - including its products and services (hereinafter referred to as the 'Website'), you confirm that you have read, understood, and adhered to these Terms. Agree with By accessing or using any Future Net website you also acknowledge that you have the legal authority to accept the terms by applicable law (including age requirements). If you do not agree to the Terms, you do not have the right to use the Future Net website.

Terms of Use:

1.Definitions: For future net use terms, the meanings of the following words/phrases will be the same as described below.

2. Future Website: The Future Net website will include all websites and subdomains currently owned or purchased by Future Net or its affiliates in the future. Below is a list of these indicators.

3.Third-Party: Any party that is not a signatory to the Terms of Use or is not a member of the Future Net will be considered a third party to these Terms.

4.Chargeback: This is a change of coercive transaction initiated by a customer, using a bank or payment gateway.

5.Website Registration: You shall be required to register with our website to use the services provided by Future Net. Protecting the confidentiality of your User Name, Email and Password is solely your responsibility. You expressly agree to absolve the Future Net of any responsibility/liability in this regard.

6.Use of the Website: We offer Future Net Website globally, without any restriction on our part. Therefore, you can access or use the Website from any jurisdiction of the world and you will be doing so at your own risk you are solely responsible for compliance.

Regulated Use of Future Net Website: The net website of the future is accessible from any part of the world with or without the use of a VPN. However, Future Net does not offer its services to residents and companies in countries that are currently subject to the restrictions imposed by the UAE or the relevant. Future Net is not obligated to provide a complete list of approved or prohibited countries, and therefore, users are expected to use their discretion before using the Future Net website or services offered by Future Net. Get to work

7. If a user is a resident of a restricted country, Future Net has full discretion to cancel such services whenever it comes to its notice, and Future Net will have no liability for such users. Such users will have no right to a refund from Future Net. However, Future Net has the discretion to return funds transferred by such users.

.8 KYC (Know Your Customer) is a prerequisite for all companies/organizations dealing with consumer funds under the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) (January 10, 2020). newsaqwa.com/), while the company bears most of the costs, 30 members will pay each member (once for a lifetime).

9.General Duties of the Future Net;

10.Future Net will always strive to ensure quthe quality and timely delivery of its services.

11.The customer has the right to complain about the lack of service through the terms agreed between the parties and other policies.

12.We always strive to provide prompt and efficient customer support services.

13. Future Net will notify the user of any changes to these Terms of Use,

14.Customer Support: For any customer support questions (account and payment-related questions), please submit a ticket to our customer service department using the customer service contact form available at www. Future Network Pro Future Net will use reasonable efforts to answer all customer support questions promptly but we do not promise that any customer support questions will be answered within a specific time frame and / Or we will be able to answer any such questions.

Disclaimer and Limit to Liability of Future Net:

15.You understand and agree that Future Net provides services as 'as is, 'with all glitches', and 'available' basis. You agree that your use of Future Net Websites or Services is at your own risk. All warranties, including unlimited, trade-in warranties, fitness for a specific purpose, title, and non-infringement are rejected and excluded. No representations, warranties, or warranties are made by the Company, whether express or implied, and expressly disclaim any representations or warranties.

16.Any warranty for the accuracy, suitability, reliability, completeness, relevance, or applicability of information, materials, data, products and/or services, commercial capability, or fitness for a particular purpose;

17.That the Services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, or that all errors, omissions, defects, or inconsistencies will be corrected.

18.The quality of any services, content, information, data, or other content on the Future Net website will meet your expectations or needs.

19.Any errors in the Future Net website will be corrected.

20.Warranty against infringement of intellectual property or proprietary rights of any third party; Or other warranties relating to the performance, non-performance, or other functions or deficiencies of Future Net, its officers, directors, employees, affiliates, agents, licensors, suppliers, etc.

21.Future Net does not guarantee that any of the software used and licensed in connection with the Services will be compatible with other third-party software or devices, nor does it guarantee that The operation of the Services and associated software will not harm or disrupt other software. Or hardware. Future Net, its Affiliates, Successors, and Assignments, and their respective investors, directors, officers, employees, agents, and suppliers (including distributors and content licensors) at any time, directly, indirectly, or are responsible. Will not be Penalties, incidental, special, or consequential, damages that are linked to the use of the Future Net website or services or in any other way, whether based on contract, violence, strict liable, city, or other theories, whether I have been advised. Possibility of losses.

22.Future Net, its officers, managers, members, employees, attorneys, or agents will not be liable under any circumstances (jointly or one after the other), including any direct, indirect, exclusive, accidental, or consequential Not limited to carelessness for damages. This statement includes the loss of profits on the use, data, and liability of any of the services offered by Future Net, but is not limited to the qualifications or ineligibility of the services offered by Future Net. May arise in connection with or. Content on Future Net Websites. Despite the advice given by Future Net or one of its representatives about the possibility of such losses, the reality remains. The extent and exclusion of accidental or consequential damages may not apply to everyone because some jurisdictions do not allow it. Liability shall be limited to the full extent permitted by applicable law if any authority does not enforce any part of this section.

23. Future Net is not a bank, trading, hedge fund, brokerage, or investment company, Future Net is an online education platform. Future Net "No" is FCA regulated, DSA registered, or has some other financial certification or an insurance policy setup because being an online education provider does not require it. We don't have investments, we don't have investors, we don't have deposits, we don't have ROI (return on investment), there is no reinvestment and there is no guarantee of the percentage of profit.

24. We have full confidence in our products and systems at Future Net. Given our well-done projections, we are confident that we will be able to reimburse tuition fees on their current active package upon completion of the course. You will be notified of the procedure and how to apply, once there are three weeks left to complete.

25.However, in this case, any exclusion contained herein is declared invalid for any reason. Any liability or any of its affiliates, officers, directors, or employees will be limited to not exceeding the account setup charges you have paid.

26.All Future Net members need to have access to a smartphone with the internet and be able to install and use apps on their phones. Also, they must be able to read and understand English to learn the education provided.

27.When you purchase a package, you have access to the Future Net where you learn about Forex trading and cryptocurrency. You also get future coins (the number of futures depend ondothersts value th our system at the time of purchase). Any package brought in Future Net enables you to earn a maximum (of 5 times) the package price in a specified period (52 weeks). This includes all reward shares and commissions (as shown in the "Total Earnings" box in the back office). Your Active Package in your back office will expire with any Future Coin associated with this package as soon as it reaches 5 times (package value) in Total Earnings. In case you are not able to earn 5 times the value of your package, during the incubation period, your package will mature and your future coins will be issued to you. If your earnings exceed 500% at the end of the incubation period, you will receive a portion of the Future Coin with maximum earnings of 500%. Upon upgrading the package once it has matured, the volume will go upline (for binary, etc.) but no direct commission will be made.

28.I understand that there is no charge for the registration of new IBOs and that I will only be compensated based on the activities of other IBOs to the extent that IBOs sell futures net products and/or services to consumers. ۔

29.Limitation of claim: Users and Future Net agree that action may be taken within one (1) year of the receipt of any action arising out of or in connection with the use of the Future Net Website or Services. Otherwise, the action will be stopped permanently.

30.Reserved right to modify the Terms: The user agrees that Future Net reserves the right to modify, edit, modify, change or delete any content in these Terms at any time. Due to timely updates, users are expected to visit the Future Net website regularly to identify the reviews they are committed to. Use of the Future Net Website after the changes is a sign of acceptance, agreement, and consent to the latest version of the Terms and is therefore subject to the updated Terms. When we make material changes to the Terms, we will provide you with notices in appropriate circumstances, for example, by showing a prominent notice by requesting your agreement within the Service or by sending you an email And User Name. In some cases, we will notify you in advance, and your continued use of the Service or the Future Net website after the changes have been made will cause you to accept the changes. Therefore, please make sure that you read any such notice carefully. If you do not wish to continue using the Service or the Future Net Website under the new version of the Terms, you may terminate your account by contacting us.

31.Intellectual Property Rights: Unless otherwise specified, all content displayed on the Future Net website, including text, site design, logos, graphics, icons, images, trademarks, and other intellectual property. Assets, as well as their selection, assembly, and management, are the sole property of Future Net. You may use the content of the Future Net website only for making purchases or placing orders on the Future Net website and not for any other purpose. No Content on the Future Net Website may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any form or any manner without our prior written permission of Future Net. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Any unauthorized use of the material displayed on the Future Net website may violate copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws and may result in criminal or civil penalties.

32.Payment Methods: Please note that we accept a wide range of payment methods that will be available to you when you register on our website Future Net. Please note that these payment methods or gateway options vary and therefore we do not guarantee that any specific payment method or gateway will always be available on our platform or the Future Net website. ۔

33. Links to Other Websites: The Future Net website may contain links or pointers to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for the operation or operation of the Content on or through such Site.

34. When you click on a link within a Future Net website, Future Net may not warn you that you have left the Future Net website and that it is subject to another website's terms and conditions. Subject to regulations (including privacy policies). Please be careful to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of any other website before providing any confidential information or engaging in any transaction. You must not rely on these terms to control your use of another website.

35. Future Net is not responsible for the content or practices of any other website even if it is linked to the Future Net website. You acknowledge and agree that Future Net is not responsible or liable to you for any content or other content that is hosted and offered by any website other than the Future Net Website.

36. Privacy: Future Net Keep your personal information private and secure. When you purchase from the Future Net website, you provide your name, email address, credit card information, address, phone number, and password. We use this information to process your orders, keep you updated on your orders, and personalize your shopping all Product experience. Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption techniques and firewall technology and other steps listed in the Future Net General Privacy Policy.

37.For more details about our Privacy Policy, please refer to the documents below, which are an integral part of these Terms.

38. Future Net General Privacy Policy (Available - www. Future net. Pro)

39. Future Net GDPR Privacy Policy (Available - www.futurenet.com)

40. Future Net Cancellation Policy: Future Net Cancellation Policy is an important part of these Terms. For the latest version of our cancellation policy, please visit our website www.futurenet.com.

41. Future Net Refund Policy: Future Net Refund Policy is an important part of these terms. For the latest version of our Refund Policy, please visit our website www.futurenet.com.

42. Errors: In this case, due to typographical errors or omissions in the pricing information received from our suppliers, the services are listed at the wrong price. Will also have the right to reject or cancel the order. Future Net will have the right to refuse or cancel any such order whether the order has been confirmed and charged with your credit card. For more details, please refer to the Future Net Refund Policy and Cancellation Policy.

43. Site User Conduct: All users of the Future Net website must be at least 18 (18) years of age or older (as required by applicable laws and regulations) and legally enforceable to them. Must be able to contract. Rules and regulations of their local jurisdiction. Regarding the use of the FutureNet website and content, users are not allowed to:

44. Upload, Post, Email, or Move Anyone Else:

45. Content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, violent, defamatory, derogatory, obscene, obscene, insulting, invading someone's privacy, hateful, racist, Racial, or otherwise illegal or objectionable;

46. Content that does not give users the right to transfer under any law or agreement or loyalty relationship (such as insider information, proprietary, and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of an employment relationship) Or under non-disclosure agreements);

47. Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or another right of intellectual property of any party.

48. Immovable or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of application;

49. Content that contains software viruses or other computer code, files, or programs designed to prevent, destroy, or restrict the functionality of any computer software or hardware, or telecommunications devices.

50. Use the Future Net Website for any illegal purpose.

51. Interference or interference with the services and content of the Future Net website,

52. Intentionally or unintentionally violates any applicable local, state, national or international law.

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our products and services and their revenue potential. Earnings and earnings statements from Future Net and its users are estimates of what we think you could potentially earn. The customer understands and agrees that Future Net is the only market and financial information provider. However, this does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or usefulness of the information stated. The information provided by Future Net may not be appropriate for all users or users and its use may result in significant loss or additional liability. Consumers and consumers are strongly advised to seek the help of financial and legal experts before making their decisions on the information provided by Future Net.